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ANCDV1. M. Gustin, Troy, Pa. Beautiful CDV portrait of a seated man with his spotted dog laying on a divan by his side. The man’s tophat looks like it’s resting on the back of the dog. E. $85

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Chr. Hansen, Odense (Denmark). Wonderful Cabinet Card of woman holding treat out for her dog who is really focused on it. VG. $150

J.D. Marsters, St. John, New Brunswick. CDV of a young man with his dog. G+. $50

Real Photo Postcard of a young girl with her two dogs. Card has a divided back, has been used, postmarked 1911. VG. $20

No ID. E. Chamberlin, and his Dog Bruno. VG. $125

Woodburn & McClure, St. John, N.B. James McGivern Christmas 1869, Way the prettiest dog in St. John, NB. VG. $50

Edwin Lott, Nolton Studio, Bridgend. Girl on horse held by her little brother. On back is written “N.L.P. & E.L.P. at Broadlands.” G. $35

J.J. McFadden, Millersburg, O. Man on his horse. G. $75

Garnier Arsene, Guernesey. Great CDV, 5 portraits, with the dog in the middle. VG. $100

African-American and dog ancab35b
ANCAB35. W.B. King, Hagerstown, Md. African-American man with dog posed before studio backdrop. G. $75

Dog Cabinet Card
Barritt, Hyde Park. Profile of a dog in vignette. G. $50

Dog Cabinet Card
Barritt, Hyde Park. Profile of a dog in vignette. G. $50

Bull CDV Bull CDV
ANCDV21. CDV of a Bull by P.S. Anderson, New Orleans. VG. $125

Dog Cabinet Card ancab43b
ANCAB43. Cabinet Card by O.M. Gove (?), Photographer, Boston, California, Oregon, Autralia & City Mexico. P.O. Address, Lexington, Mass. This guy sure got around. VG. $35

CDV of a ram ancdv23b
ANCDV23. Cushing, Woodstock, Vt. Great image of a ram. Note the chain attachment on his horn. VG. $150

Old Abe, Wisconsin War Eagle ancdv24b
ANCDV24. CDV copyright 1876 by W.W. Barrett of The Centennial Photograph of “Old Abe,” the Live Wisconsin War Eagle. Agricultural Hall, International Exposition, Philadelphia, 1876. While the card is firm there are several light creases that can be discerned in the image. G. $65

ANCAB44. No ID. Dog cabinet card. G. $35

ANCAB45. Cabinet card by Green & Lymp, Big Run, Pa. of a prize chicken titled “Owned & Bred by A.F. McClure.” VG. $125

ANCDV25. A. Fritz, Aerhus. Kongepraemie. Tyren “Bakewell” af Malkeracen (tilh: Kammerr, Andersen, Gunderslevholm). VG. $40

Dog Cabinet Card
ANCAB46. Cabinet card by C.F. O’Keefe, Leadville, Colo. On back is written “Bounce of Claremont. His compliments to his good friends Mr. & Mrs. Briggs. Leadville December 12th 1892.” VG. $48

ANCAB47. Lacey, Morristown, NJ. Nice profile view of a dog. VG. $48

Rabbit Cabinet Card
ANCAB48. Chambers & Co., West Cornforth. Cabinet Card of a rabbit, destined for an English stew. VG. $200

ANCAB49. Chambers & Co., West Cornforth. Cabinet Card of two rabbit breeders with three of the rabbits also showing carrying cases. These rabbits were destined for English stews. VG. $250