Post Mortem Daguerreotype Post Mortem Daguerreotype Post Mortem Daguerreotype
D413. Sixth-plate post mortem daguerreotype of mother and child identified on case as “Catherine Wagner, Mother-Mary E. Hacker? Photo of baby in death.” Resealed, housed in a half leather case. VG. $650

Post Mortem Post Mortem
D453. Sixth-plate daguerreotype post mortem of a man. There are a couple scratches to the right of the man’s head and one lighter one that comes down from the top of the image into his forehead that is visible in glancing light. Resealed, housed in full leather case. G. $435

Post Mortem Daguerreotype Post Mortem Daguerreotype
D473. Sixth-plate post mortem daguerreotype of a young man. Resealed, housed in a full leather case about to split at spine. VG. $350

Post Mortem Ambrotype
Amb122. Sixth-plate ambrotype post mortem of a young child, flowers in her hand. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $350

D888. French tinted post mortem daguerreotype in frame. The child is dressed in fine clothes and laid out on a bench for visitors to see. The plate measures 4″ x 4.75″ matted to 5″ x 5.875.” The frame is 7.75″ x 8.5.” VG. $1850

D891. Sixth-plate post-mortem daguerreotype of child laid out in coffin. Some wipes around top not where it counts. Resealed, housed in a wallet-like brown velvet case with a couple of tears on cover flap. Clasp works. G. $650

D899. Sixth-plate post-mortem daguerreotype of elderly woman. Old reseal, housed in a full leather case. G. $325

D1001. Sixth-plate post-mortem daguerreotype of a mother holding her infant. The look on her face tells us the child is deceased. Resealed, housed in a full leather case. VG. $300

PMTT4. Very poignant cdv-sized post-mortem tintype in paper mat identified as “Baby daughter of Ellen & Emory Goddard. Grace Goddard died in infancy.” The family was from Worcester County, Massachusetts. VG. $150