H.Q. Morton, Providence, RI. Block Island Views. No. 87. From South of South Lights showing Shore and Light with Bluffs. G. $75

E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8313. Forty Steps. VG. $20

J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Int. of Steamer City of Newport. VG. $40

J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Interior of Steamer Bristol. VG. $40

RI22. E&HT Anthony. Newport and its Villas. No. 8701. Club House, Bellevue Ave. and Church St. VG. $25

No ID. 28-The Old Stone Mill, Newport, R.I. VG. $15

Eben J. Beane Boots & Shoes, Providence
RI28. No ID. Storefront and staff of Eben J. Beane, Boots & Shoes, Providence, R.I. VG. $85

Eben J. Beane Boots & Shoes, Providence
RI29. No ID. Storefront and staff of Eben J. Beane, Boots & Shoes, Providence, R.I. VG. $85

Rhode Island Villa  Rhode Island Villa
RI30. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Stereoscopic  View of Fanny Fern’s. Fanny Fern, born Sara Willis (July 9, 1811 – October 10, 1872), was an American newspaper columnist, humorist, novelist, and author of children’s stories in the 1850s-1870s. Fern’s great popularity has been attributed to her conversational style and sense of what mattered to her mostly middle-class female readers. By 1855, Fern was the highest-paid columnist in the United States, commanding $100 per week for her New York Ledger column. VG. $30

Trains Villa  Trains Villa
RI31. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Stereoscopic View of Trains Villa. Built for George F. Train of Boston; damaged by fire in the 1970’s; replaced with contemporary home. VG. $35

College Hill Home  College Hill Home
RI34. Manchester Bros., Providence, RI. College Hill Home. This view came in a lot of material related to little-known photographer Charles Prouty who apparently worked for the Manchester Bros. firm. This view is likely taken by him. VG. $25

Bowling and Refreshments Bowling and Refreshments
RI35. Manchester Bros., Providence, RI. Sign on the building reads “Bowling & Refreshments.” G. $40

O318. F. Hacker, Providence, R.I. Morey’s Hair Store and Hair Dressing Rooms, No. 154 Westminster and 46 Eddy Streets, Providence, R.I. VG. $75