J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Int. of Steamer City of Newport. VG. $40

J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Interior of Steamer Bristol. VG. $40

College Hill Home  College Hill Home
RI34. Manchester Bros., Providence, RI. College Hill Home. This view came in a lot of material related to little-known photographer Charles Prouty who apparently worked for the Manchester Bros. firm. This view is likely taken by him. VG. $25

RI39. H.Q. Morton, Providence, R.I. 34. Block Island Views. South Light and Bluffs Looking North East. G. $75

RI41. No photographer ID. Butler Exchange, Providence, R.I. G. $20

RI43. No photographer ID. Westerly, R.I. G. $20

RI48. Manchester Bros., Providence, R.I. Interior of Grace Church, Prov., R.I. VG. $15

RI49. [Charles Prouty.] St. Peter’s Church, Narragansett Pier, R.I. Blown down in the great September gale 1867. G. $20

RI51. Manchester Bros., Providence, R.I. Likely by Charles Prouty. St. Stephens, Prov., R.I. G. $15

RI53. No photographer ID. Church interior. G. $15

RI54. No photographer ID. Unknown room interior. G. $15

RI55. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8321. Cliff Villas. VG. $35

RI56. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8319. Cliff Villas. VG. $35

RI57. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8334. Mr. Traver’s (New York) Villa. VG. $40

RI58. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8338. J. Carter Brown’s (Providence) Villa. VG. $40

RI59. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8322. F.L. Barreda’s (Peruvian Minister) Villa. VG. $40

RI60. E&HT Anthony. Newport and Its Villas. No. 8317. Cliff Villas. G. $30

RI61. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Unidentified house. VG. $35

RI62. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Fields. VG. $40

RI63. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Pratt’s Villa. VG. $40

RI64. J.A. Williams, Newport, R.I. Appleton’s Villa. VG. $40

RI65. J. Appleby Williams, Newport, R.I. Loring Andrew’s Villa. VG. $40

RI66.  J. Appleby Williams, Newport, R.I. Appleton Villa. VG. $40