Henry Brown, Santa Fe. Photograph by George C. Bennett, Spring 1880. Capitol Mine in Los Cerrillos mines. This shows a California whim on the Capitol mine. VG. $325

Henry Brown, Santa Fe, NM. Burro Alley. VG. $150

Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 202. Cart, Plow, & Ovens of the Pueblo Indians, Taos, NM. VG. $75

Santa Fe
NM41. Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 217. Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the old Pueblos found on the site of Santa Fe when the Spaniards first came to the country, in 1581. Still occupied as a dwelling by six families. G. $85

Burros Packing Wood
NM44. Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 205. Burros Packing Wood. G. $45