US Court House Baltimore US Court House Baltimore
MD13. E&HT Anthony. Views in Baltimore and Vicinity, Md. No. 7025. United States Court House. G. $15

MD210. W.M. Chase. Baltimore Basilica, America’s First Cathedral. VG. $15

MD219. W.M. Chase. Old Folk’s Home and Baptist Church on Calhoun St., Baltimore. G. $12

MD221. W.M. Chase. No. 38. Masonic Temple, Baltimore. VG. $15

MD222. W.M. Chase. No. 39. Masonic Temple, Baltimore. VG. $15

MD225. W.M. Chase. Memorial Church, cor. Bolton & Townsend Streets, Baltimore. VG. $12

MD227. W.M. Chase. No. 1378. Druid Hill Park, Baltimore. VG. $10

MD228. W.M. Chase. Druid Lake, Baltimore. VG. $8

MD289. W.M. Chase. Druid Hill Park Entrance. VG. $12

MD292. W.M. Chase. Druid Hill Park, Baltimore. Skating Lake. Tinted. VG. $15

MD329. W.M. Chase. Battle Monument, Baltimore. VG. $12

MD334. W.M. Chase. G. $12

MD418. W.M. Chase. Great Fire in Baltimore, July 25th, 1873. Remarkable for the vast amount of property saved from destruction, under adverse circumstances, by the heroic labors of the Baltimore and Washington Fire Departments. No. 193. Moonlight Views of the Scene before the Fire. VG. $35

MD425. Height of Conflagration. Amazing action view catching the Great Fire of Baltimore, July 25th, 1873, as it happened. VG. $200

MD426. W.M. Chase. Fire Department, Steam Pumper. VG. $200

MD427. W.M. Chase. Old woman of the Mount Md. Heights, Harpers Ferry, B&ORR. G. $275

MD428. W.M. Chase. Cumberland Narrows. VG. $75

MD429. T.L. Darnelle, Cumberland, Md. Cumberland Narrows. VG. $75

MD430. Navy Yard, Annapolis. G. $65