No photographer ID. Rare CDV with 63 written on verso. This is an advertising sample CDV for a Morgan saddle. G. $150

No photographer ID. Rare CDV titled No. 132 Morgan. This is an advertising sample CDV for a Morgan saddle. G. $150

Looks like these fellows are paper hangers and/or painters. Unused, divided pack real photo postcard. VG. $10

Sam Moore’s City Gallery, Wabash City, Indiana. Pair of workmen, standing on planks over pit working some type of equipment. G+. $150

No photographer ID. CDV of a sewing machine. VG. $85

No photographer ID. Busy occupational CDV showing Dr. Good’s Groceries and Hardware building. Larkin’s Dry Goods, Grocery & Tea Warehouse, Broad & Upland Sts. wagon. Other commercial wagon loading at side of building. Large flag flying from top of building. It looks too large to be real and may be painted in. G. $175

S.P. Greisamer, Quakertown, Pa. Leather worker and apprentice working on leather, various tools in view. VG. $85

Shoemaker from Redkey, Indiana Shoemaker from Redkey, Indiana
OCAB64. Baker Bros., Photographers, Redkey, Indiana. Cabinet card shows a shoemaker in the midst of sewing leather. He is encircled by his tools, shoes, etc. G. $125

Firemen's Hose Truck, Lake House, Osakis, Minnesota Firemen's Hose Truck, Lake House, Osakis, Minnesota
OCAB67. Geo. Haskins, Osakis, Minnesota. Firemen’s hose truck in front of the Lake House. G. $150

The India Rubber Comb. Co, Mercer St., NYC  The India Rubber Comb. Co, Mercer St., NYC
OCAB71. No photographer ID. The India Rubber Comb Co., 9.11.13 Mercer Str. N.Y. On back is written “item has some reference to businesses of A.D. Schlesinger (rubber company) and/or Alfred H. Schlesinger (first engineering job with a pump co.)” VG. $125

Dr. Haynes' Arabian Balsam  Dr. Haynes' Arabian Balsam
OCAB73. K.T. Sheldon, West Winsted, Conn. Cabinet Card showing the occupational wagon of “Dr. Haynes’ Arabian Balsam, an Internal & External Remedy for Man & Beast.” Also “Dr. J. Miller’s Vegetable Expectorant.” Card shows wear, short split at bottom beneath horse, worn corners. G-. $150

The Clarinopeon or Steam Organ The Clarinopeon or Steam Organ
OCDV55. No photographer ID. The Clarinopeon or Steam Organ. G. $250

Chemists CDV
OCDV68. W. Shaw, Schenectady, N.Y. Two chemists with vials, bottles, filters, scale, etc. VG. $275

Robert Collyer's Blacksmith shop Robert Collyer's Blacksmith shop
OCAB84. No photographer ID. Handwritten caption bottom recto: “Robert Collyer’s Blacksmith shop. Ilkly.” Handwritten on verso: “From Collyer’s Playmate Jonathan Gainsworth. At Wm. Dobson’s Inn, Ilkly. Yorkshire July 9th, 1884. With F…. Theo. F. Wolfe.” Make sure you notice the birdhouse on the roof. Collyer was born in Keighley, Yorkshire, England, on December 8, 1823; the family moved to Blubberhouses within a month of his birth. At the age of eight he was compelled to leave school and support himself by work in a linen factory. He was naturally studious, however, and supplemented his scant schooling by night study. At fourteen he was apprenticed to a blacksmith, Jacky Birch—who had taught the trade to Samuel Collyer, Robert’s father, in Blubberhouses–and for several years worked at this trade at Ilkley. In 1849 he became a local Methodist minister. In the same year, his wife Harriet died on 1 February, and his infant daughter Jane on 4 February. In the following year he emigrated to the United States, where he obtained employment as a hammer maker at Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. Here he soon began to preach on Sundays while still employed in the factory on weekdays. His earnest, rugged, simple style of oratory made him extremely popular, and at once secured for him a wide reputation. His advocacy of anti-slavery principles, then frowned upon by the Methodist authorities, aroused opposition, and eventually resulted in his trial for heresy and the revocation of his licence. He continued, however, as an independent preacher and lecturer, and in 1859, having joined the Unitarian Church, became a missionary of that church in Chicago, Illinois working as the first minister-at-large of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago. In 1860 he organized and became pastor of the Unity Church, the second Unitarian church in Chicago. Under his guidance the church grew to be one of the strongest of that denomination in the West, and Collyer himself came to be looked upon as one of the foremost pulpit orators in the country. During the American Civil War, he was active in the work of the Sanitary Commission. In 1879 he left Chicago and became pastor of the Church of the Messiah, now renamed the Community Church in New York City. Later he brought his old friend, the popular writer and hymnodist, Minot Judson Savage, to assist him in his ministry. In 1883, when he visited Birmingham in England, he engaged Marie Bethell Beauclerc to report and edit his sermons and prayers which were published during the same year. In 1903 Collyer became pastor emeritus. He died in 1912. VG. $150

Sewing Machine Salesman Sewing Machine Salesman
OCDV69. No photographer ID. Advertising CDV: “Best on Earth. Helpmate Sewing Machine, D.P. Mumma, Agent for Adams Co. P.O.: Bendersville, Pas. Needles, Oil, & Findings.” VG. $325

Telegrapher Cabinet Card
OCAB88. Ennor V. Childs, Stevens Point, Wis. On back is written: “E.J. Rathke.” Telegrapher at work. G. $125

Boswell's Fodder & Silo Harvester
OCAB93. New York Gallery, Indianapolis, Ind. Boswell’s Fodder & Silo Harvester. Ptd, Oct. 5, 1885. Improvements Pending. VG. $250

Boswell's Fodder & Silo Harvester
OCAB94. New York Gallery, Indianapolis, Ind. Boswell’s Fodder & Silo Harvester. Ptd. Oct. 5, 1885. Improvements Pending. VG. $225

Boswell's Fodder & Silo Harvester
OCAB95. New York Gallery, Indianapolis, Ind. Boswell’s Fodder & Silo Harvester. Ptd. Oct. 5, 1885. Improvements Pending. VG. $200

ocab96 Justin Browne Upright Grand Piano
OCAB96. No photographer ID. Two-sided occupational advertising cabinet card for Justin Browne’s Upright Iron Grand Piano, Style K. VG. $150

ocab97 Justin Browne Upright Grand Piano
OCAB97. No photographer ID. Two-sided occupational advertising cabinet card for Justin Browne’s Upright Iron Grand Piano, Style N. VG. $150

Sign Painter CDV
OCDV70. No photographer ID. C.E. Frazer, Sign & Ornamental Painter. G. $350

Newark NJ CDV out216b
OUT216. Huff’s Photographic Gallery, Newark, N.J. H.W. Morehouse & Co., Grocers. CDV. VG. $200

Telegrapher CDV ocdv75b
OCDV75. H.A. Benedict, Traveling Photographer. Telegrapher with his machine at the table. G. $125

Telegrapher CDV ocdv76b
OCDV76. Lancaster, O. Photographer’s name is covered by stamp. Telegrapher smoking a pipe, his machine on the table. Two-cent revenue stamp is cancelled 5/30/66. G. $150

Telegrapher CDV ocdv80b
OCDV80. J.G. Mangold, Orion, Illinois. Telegrapher with his hand on the key. G. $125

Joseph Long Drapery CDV ocdv82b
No photographer ID. Advertising CDV for Joseph Long’s New Drapery Warehouse, Reading. VG. $150

Penmanship CDV ocdv83b
OCDV83. Levi D. Johnson, Bristol, N.H. A gentleman at desk in the act of writing with piles of papers by his side. There is a certificate standing, leaning against one of the piles of paper that reads “Penmanship.” VG. $125

OCDV90. No photographer ID. Railroad Engine and tender, engineer and various railroad workers. VG. $450

Banner Lady
OCAB123. H.H. Mansur, Elk River, Minn. Banner lady cabinet card. On back is written “Merchants’ Carnival, Elk River, Minn. Feb. 22, 1892. Flora Bryant “Blacksmith.” VG. $500

OCDV96. No photographer ID. Advertising CDV for Peasley’s Cement. VG. $125

OCDV98. J.A. Prokl, Franzensbad. (Czechoslovakia). Worker, unknown occupation. Some inking on his arm and beard. G. $35

OCDV99. William Carrick, St. Petersburg. Hack cab and driver. VG. $125

OCDV101. No photographer ID. Fireman with helmet and horn. G. $125

OCDV104. Churchill & Denison, Albany, N.Y. Fireman with badge and helmet. There is a “4” on the helmet and it looks like “PH…” as well. “4” on belt buckle. VG. $150

OCDV106. Stevens & Co., Altoona, Pa. Fireman with helmet, “1” on chest. VG. $150

OCDV107. No photographer ID. Costume Spagunolo mercante girouago. Street vendor, wares on the ground, blanket over his arm. VG. $50

OCDV111. No photographer ID. “Call and see my Large Stock of Wall Paper, Just Received from New York, from 6c a Bolt Up! H.M. Bush, North Lewisburg, O.” VG. $50

OCDV117. Geo. W. Barnes, Rockford, Ill & Union Gallery, Rockford, Ill. 2 CDVs. First one shows a man with his shovel, possibly indicating that he was off to do some prospecting. The second CDV shows him and most likely his wife. Looks like he was successful. VG. $275

OCDV118. C.F. May, Hoboken, N.J. Advertising CDV for Henry A.C. Schlosser, House & Sign Painter, and Paper Hanger, Hoboken, N.J. VG. $150

OCDV119. No photographer ID. Thompson & Bishop Flour and Feed Store. Trimmed. G. $100

OCDV120. E. & L. Baer, Highland, Ills. Factory scene, not from life. VG. $65

OCDV121. No photographer ID. Pair of gents sealing a deal. Corners and bottom clipped. G. $65

OCDV122. John E. La Forge, Rahway, N.J. “Chas. E. Ward,” written at bottom recto. Gentleman with rolled papers in his hand sitting by a framed print of a horse and carriage. G. $65

OCAB132. E.J. Covey, Stanberry, Missouri. Cabinet card of a farrier, a horse groomer. He holds a brush in one hand and a tool to clean the hooves in the other. VG. $150

OCDV124. No backmark. 3 bakers. G. $40

OCDV125. Brownell, Fall River. Looks like a patent model for a boiler. VG. $45

PPCDV182. Frat.lli Marco Giovanni Contarini, Venezia. Looks to be a water carrier. VG. $20

OCDV138. Written on verso “my dear son & dear dear daughter this is your poor old father.” He looks to be a sheep shearer. G. $85

OCDV141. Advertising CDV for Robert Paton, General School and Church Furnisher, 26 Grove Street, N.Y. Image shows three types of school benches. VG. $150