CB47. Charles Weitfle, Central City, Colo. and Cheyenne, Wyo. Cowboys  at work. VG. $150

CB50. No photographer ID. Fine cabinet card of a cowboy. He is wearing shotgun chaps and leather or metal wrist cuffs that protect his wrists, and forearms, as well as his shirtsleeves, from injury or damage caused by kicking steers, ropes, branding irons, brush, wire fencing, and other hazards inherent to his lifestyle. He’s got wide leather straps on his boots which support spurs behind. He is wearing his leather holster with decoratively handled six shooter. E. $350

CB51. No photographer ID. Cabinet card of a cowboy in typical southwestern outfit. He is wearing shotgun chaps and his hat is based on the Mexican sombrero. You can see wide leather straps on his boots which support spurs behind. He is holding a quirt, a short-handled riding whip with a braided leather lash indicating that he is a horse rider. VG. $275