Kirkham, Menominee, Mich. Young boy with bicycle, his little sister by his side. Cabinet Card. G. $25

Worcester Photo Studio, Leominster, Mass. John Kivlan, Proprietor and Manager. Young man with his bicycle. Unusual handlebars, looks like there is a mechanism for hand brakes on it. Cabinet Card. VG. $50

Webster Vehicle Co. Advertising Cabinet Card
BI22. Advertising Cabinet Card for the Webster Vehicle Co., Flint, Michigan. Great details on the bicycle including its cost. VG. $250

Woman with her Bicycle
BI23. 5″ square card with image of a woman with her bicycle. Other bicycles lined up against porch. VG. $15

Bicycle postcard
BI24. RPPC of large group of men, several with bicycles. VG. $15

Man with High Wheel Bike
BI25. Card measures 5″ x 3.625″ with image of man with high wheel bicycle. On back is another image of two women, one playing piano, one playing guitar. G. $100

BI28. Cabinet card by G. Perrault, West Gardner, Mass. of a man with his bicycle. American flags in his wheels. G. $40

BI29. 2 men with their bicycles. Card measures 5.5″ x 6.25.” G. $20

BI30. Fred W. Rhodes, Architect and Surveyor, Upper Wortley near Leeds, stamped on back. Man with his high wheel bike. G. $125

BI31. RPPC of young man with his tricycle. VG. $20