Swd1. No. 99. Berzelii Park, Stockholm. Berzelii Park was named after the Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius. The work on establishing the park was begun in 1852, under the leadership of Knut Malte Forsberg. The park’s opening ceremony took place on the morning of July 13, 1858. The Academy of Sciences initiated funding for a statue honoring Berzelius, which was to stand in the middle of the park. Artist Carl Gustaf Qvarnström (1810-1867) was commissioned to do the work. He went to Munich to model the statue and had Ferdinand von Miller cast it in bronze. It became the first public statue of a “commoner” to be produced in full figure. As the new park installations were still considered too fragile to receive a large crowd, the statue was secretly inaugurated in the middle of the night following the opening ceremony. Other monuments have been added in and around the park, including art by Carl Milles, and a humorous statue of Hans Alfredsson (seen sticking his head out of a sewer). G. $25

Swd2. Locks on the Gotha Canal. G. $45

Swd3. Stockholm-Bird’s eye view with Charles Jean Statue in foreground, Oct. 2nd, 1867. G. $35

Swd4. Bird’s eye view of Stockholm, Oct. 2nd, 1867. G. $35

Swd5. Vogel & Dienstbach, Gotheborg. Canal at Gotheborg, Oct. 2nd, 1867. $50