This page presents the entire Magnesium Light Views in Mammoth Cave Set. The images are in uniformly very good to excellent condition with most exhibiting very strong, rich contrast.
Individual Mammoth Cave views are available on our Cave Stereoviews page. 

The original negatives were taken by Chas. Waldack, Cincinnati, Ohio and are published by E&HT Anthony. There are 42 numbered views in the set.

No. 1. “Cave Hotel.”

No. 2. Curious Sand-Stone Rock.

No. 3. Path Leading to the Mouth of Cave.

No. 4. Out For the Last Time.

No. 5. Mouth of the Cave.

No. 6. Mouth of the Cave.

No. 7. “Gothic Chapel.”

No. 8. “Column of Hercules.”

No. 9. The Altar.

No. 10. “Devil’s Arm Chair.”

No. 11. End of “Gothic Avenue.”

No. 12. “Wandering Willie’s Spring.”

No. 13. “Standing Rocks.”

No. 14. Entrance to “Rocky Hall.”

No. 15. “Giant’s Coffin.”

No. 16. Entrance to “Long Route.”

No. 17. “Deserted Chamber.”

No. 18. “Gorin’s Dome.”

No. 19. “Bottomless Pit” and “Bridge of Sighs.”

No. 20. View from “Bridge of Sighs.”

No. 21. Beyond the “Bridge of Sighs.”

No. 22. Pit Beneath the Bridge.

No. 23. “Wild Hall.”

No. 24. “Snowball Archway.”

No. 25. “Grand Crossing.”

No. 26. “Angelica’s Grotto.”

No. 27. “Scotchman’s Trap.”

No. 28. “Dining in Great Relief.”

No. 29. “Bacon Chamber.”

No. 30. “Bandit Hall.”

No. 31. Pillars in “Mammoth Dome.”

No. 32. “Corinthian Columns.”

No. 33. “Cliffs Over the Dead Sea.”

No. 34. “Ole Bull’s Concert Room.”

No. 35. “Hanging Rocks.”

No. 36. Martha’s Vineyard.

No. 37. “Grape Clusters.”

No. 38. “Snowball Chamber.”

No. 39. “Mary’s Bower.”

No. 40. “Rosa’s Bower.”

No. 41. “Cross” and Flower Garden.

No. 42. The Last Rose of Summer.

The set is available for $3000.