RPPC89. “For County Attorney Frank Wisdom, June, 7, 1910. VG. $25

RPPC91. Group 0f men posed before T. Duffy’s Bar. Ads for Anheuser Busch St. Louis Beer. G. $25

RPPC93. U.S. Land Office, Gregory, S.D. G. $35

RPPC94. Yesterday’s Registration Crowd, O’Neill, Neb. On verso is message regarding the raffle for land on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. VG. $75

RPPC95. Taylor. Preparations for the “4th” Blue Springs, Neb. VG. $35

RPPC96. Surveyor with his theodolite. VG. $30

RPPC97. Frasher. McClellan Bros. Grocery. Lordsburg, Calif. Message on back reads “This is our new place. How does it look. Just got home from the fair at San Diego. Had a fine time. JA. Mc.” Also “Lady is Rose McClellan.” VG. $25

RPPC98. Stage Coach. VG. $25

RPPC99. Old Knackers. VG. $50

RPPC100. Old Hawaiian. VG. $50

RPPC101. Derailment of K&J Car 255, July 16, 1916. 330. On back is written “Near Santa Rita, NM.” VG. $30

RPPC102. Orr. Street Scene Cortez, Colo. VG. $75

RPPC103. G. Dobkins Studio, Atlantic City, NJ. Multigraph. VG. $50

RPPC105. La Verne, Cal. VG. $25

RPPC106. F. Mat. The German officer shot at the Brussels North Station. VG. $30

RPPC107. G.A.R. 1911. Salida, Colo. VG. $50