RPPC124. Horse and buggies scene on the prairie. Photographer’s shadow in right foreground. G. $6

RPPC185. Friends. $10

RPPC199. Geo. E. Chalmers, Rutland, Vt. Coolidge, Dawes, Plymouth, Vt. 1924. VG. $15

RPPC241. The Old Homestead, Waterville, Vt. VG. $6

RPPC293. Maurice Chevalier, with camera. VG. $12

RPPC294. Shirley Temple with camera. Halftone, not rppc. VG. $10

RPPC305. Training Class. Newark Valley NY High School. VG. $8

RPPC310. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. De Ruyter St. looking south, New Woodstock, NY. VG. $12

RPPC314. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Mill St. New Woodstock, NY. VG. $15

RPPC316. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. De Ruyter St looking south, New Woodstock, NY. VG. $10

RPPC325. Puget Sound & Northern RR. VG. $25

RPPC335. Patriotic Parade, Springfield, Vt. VG. $15

RPPC336. Ice Skating, 1924. VG. $10

RPPC343. Camp Onontiio, Marlboro, Vermont. VG. $6

RPPC355. Camp Snow. U.S. Boys Working Reserve. Help Win the War. VG. $12

RPPC356. African-American couple. VG. $15

RPPC358. E.L. Chaplin, Newport, Vt. Coventry, Vt. Civil War Monument. The monument lists the names of the soldiers from the Town of Coventry, Vermont
who served in the Civil War. VG. $12

RPPC369. Toy Town, Montpelier, Vt. VG. $7

RPPC377. E-275. The Divers, Camp Wyoda, South Fairlee, Vt. Girls Camp. VG. $15

RPPC379. Camp Aloha, Fairlee, Vermont. Founded in 1905, oldest Girls Camp in Vt. VG. $15

RPPC381. Rolfe Russell. VG. $12

RPPC383. Family. VG. $6

RPPC388. Vernon, Vt. VG. $8

RPPC393. Uncle Jim – WDEV, Waterbury, Vt. Farmers Special – E.W. Bailey & Co. Signed “Sincerely yours, Uncle Jim,” on verso. VG. $8

RPPC397. The Whole Bunch from Vermont. Iroquis Hotel. Hague on Lake George. July 18th, 1910. VG. $8

RPPC398. Presentation Ceremony-Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Maurice Plante & Family. Mary Kelley, Gov. Joseph B. Johnson and Winape Boys. VG. $5

RPPC400. Interior and Memorial Windows, Universalist Church, Bellows Falls, Vt. Rev. F.L. Leavitt, Pastor. VG. $8

RPPC404. Station Matamatar. G. $10

RPPC412. Geo. L. Sholes. Spring House, Rexford Falls, NY. The man in the circular image is the same man as the man standing right center. VG. $15

RPPC414. H.A. Myer & Co., Syracuse, NY. Spring House, Rexford Falls, NY. VG. $15

RPPC420. Henry Beach. Looking Toward Depot, Richville, NY. VG. $10

RPPC424. Eastern Illustrating Co., Belfast, Me. North Entrance, Under the Maples, Pottersville, NY. VG. $12

RPPC429. Henry Beach. Gen. F.D. Grant in his Office, Pine Camp, NY. VG. $20

RPPC440. Henry Beach. Lower Main St., Oneonta, NY. VG. $15

RPPC443. H.A. Myer & Co., Syracuse, NY. VG. $20

RPPC444. Drug Store kept by Sen. T.C. Platt in the sixties. Sign for Post Cards in windows. Owego, NY. VG. $50

RPPC446. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Published by A.E. Olmstead. View looking down River from Dam. Orwell, NY.  VG. $35

RPPC449. A.E. Olmstead’s Residence, Orwell, NY. This is the publisher, his wife and home. VG. $20

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