RPPC450. C.H. Phelps, Sidney, NY. Main Street, Oneonta, NY., before fire, Dec. 27, 1908. VG. $40

RPPC452. Where’s Momma? VG. $6

RPPC456. Prisoners. VG. $10

RPPC457. Mother and child. VG. $6

RPPC458. Family. VG. $6

RPPC459. Merry Christmas from William. VG. $8

RPPC460. Boy in spectacles in wagon. VG. $10

RPPC462. Mother and daughter. VG. $6

RPPC466. Byron Y. Miller, Bethel, Vt. Woodbury Granite Co., Hardwick, Vt. VG. $25

RPPC467. Poppa with three girls. VG. $6

RPPC471. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. J.M. Lotridge Res., Cincinnatus, NY. VG. $10

RPPC474. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. J.H. Rathman Res., Fonda, NY. G. $6

RPPC481. This is our home. Margaret and Agnes are standing in front. G. $5

RPPC497. Henry Beach. West Carthage, NY High School, one of the Finest in Northern NY. VG. $8

RPPC500. Henry Beach. The Odd Fellows Temple, Natural Bridge, NY. G. $8

RPPC505. Henry Beach. The New Library, Sherburne, NY. VG. $8

RPPC506. Henry Beach. Beaman’s Home, Richville, NY. VG. $8

RPPC507. Henry Beach. Sherburne, NY. VG. $8

RPPC508. Henry Beach. Reform Church, St. Johnsville, NY. VG. $6

RPPC512. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. Marching band. VG. $10

RPPC514. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. G. $6

RPPC515. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. VG. $6

RPPC517. Medical facility. VG. $10

RPPC518. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. VG. $8

RPPC526. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. Young men’s class M.E. Chorus, Feb., 1915. VG. $6

RPPC527. Fort Hays Normal School, Kansas, 1915. G. $8

RPPC539. Harris Studios. Fleet, Kerr as Dr. Coughlin. VG. $10

RPPC541. Wotem, photo. Equinox Stope & Ore Shute, Clear Creek Consolidated. Clear Creek, Idaho. VG. $25

RPPC543. Garretson, photo. Land Registration, Oct. 13 to 25, ’13. Broken Bow, Neb. VG. $30

RPPC544. Rise Studio. The President and Mrs. Coolidge leaving Community Cong. Church, Hermosa, SD, June 19, 1927. VG. $20

RPPC547. So. Dak. State Fair. VG. $15

RPPC548. Family grouping. VG. $8

RPPC549. Home on the Plains. VG. $10

RPPC550. Small town. VG. $6

[Halftone, not RPPC]. St. Paul Souvenir Co., St. Paul, Minn. Main Street Looking West, Belle Fourche, S.D. G. $12

RPPC555. Canedy’s Camera Shop. Main Street, Chamberlain, So. Dak. “Kodaks” sign at left on building. VG. $15

RPPC561. No. 22. Wagon Bridge over the Elkhorn River. Stanton, Neb. VG. $20

RPPC564. Alma, Neb. VG. $40

RPPC565. Olson Photograph Co., Plattsmouth, Nebr. No. 179. Fishing, Sievers Lake, Ewing, Neb. VG. $15

RPPC566. Looking South on First St., Auburn, Nebr. G. $25

RPPC567. 6-Street Scene, Falls City, Nebr. VG. $35

RPPC569. West Grant from the Elevator, Grant, Neb. VG. $35

RPPC571. Ord State Bank, Ord, Neb. VG. $40

RPPC576. Snow scene, Falls City, Neb. G. $10

RPPC577. Scene in City Park, Falls City, Nebr. G. $5

RPPC582. 11. Wreck of Wendt’s out-Buildings and Barn. Douglas, Nebr. VG. $10

RPPC586. 79. Bird’s Eye View, Clay Center, Neb. VG. $10

RPPC610. J.L. Hormor, Sioux Rapids, Ia. Danish-American family Xmas card. VG. $6

RPPC617. L.L. Cook, Lake Mills, Wis. Galva, Ia. Some creases bottom right. G-. $10

RPPC619. No. 16. Lead Filling and Forge Dept., C.G. Conn’s Band Instrument Factory, Elkhart, Ind. VG. $15

RPPC621. 27. Wood Working Machine Department, C.G. Conn’s Band Instrument Factory, Elkhart, Ind. VG. $15

RPPC622. 5. Mouthpiece Making Dept., C.G. Conn’s Band Instrument Factory, Elkhart, Ind. VG. $15

RPPC624. 2. Tool Department, C.G. Conn’s Band Instrument Factory, Elkhart, Ind. VG. $15

RPPC626. Alice H. Brykczynski, age 4 months. Photo taken: Nov. 9th, 1917. Kokomo, Ind. VG. $6

RPPC631. Not a rppc but a halftone card. New Burlington Depot, Falls City, Nebr. G. $10

RPPC636. Not a RPPC. Rangeley Lake House Station, Rangeley, Maine. VG. $8

RPPC648. Henry Beach. The Broken Dam at Austin, Pa. that Caused the Destruction. #21. VG. $10

RPPC661. Not a RPPC. Souvenir Post Card Co., NY. Men and children working in coal. VG. $6

RPPC667. Not a RPPC. Pub. by Maher’s Book Store, Laconia, N.H. B. & M. Station, Laconia, N.H. G. $5

RPPC669. Eastern Illustrating Co., Belfast, Me. Main Street, Loudon, N.H. VG. $6

RPPC674. Not a RPPC. The Rotograph Co., N.Y. City. (Germany). G21044. R.R. Station, South Framingham, Mass. VG. $6

RPPC677. Ward School, Holyoke, Mass. G. $5

RPPC678. Not a RPPC. 2926. B. & M. R. R. Station, Lynn, Mass. VG. $6

RPPC681. View of Mt. Vernon, Me. VG. $6

RPPC717. Linwood Park, Erie Co., Ohio. VG. $10

RPPC722. Flood Scene, Dayton, O. 3-26-13. VG. $10

RPPC726. S. Ludlow St., Dayton, O. Flood. VG. $10

RPPC727. High School, Arcadia, Wis. G. $10

RPPC730. The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee. Roger Williams Inn Snackery. Northern Baptist Assembly. Green Lake, Wis. G-. $5

RPPC761. Dear Diary. This is D-Day. A day when a dream came true. We went curising down the River on ______. This is us on the Dawn leaving the dock to drift downstream thru the delightful Dells. The dam is in the distance. VG. $10

RPPC762. Decker’s Hospital. VG. $8

RPPC763. Dress Parade State Prison, Waupun, Wis. G. $12

RPPC765. Biological Laboratory, Purina Mills, St. Louis, Mo. VG. $5

RPPC767. Chestnut Billy’s Indian Camp on Tamiami Trail. VG. $10

RPPC768. Feeding Time-Marine Studios-On Fla. ATA-Marineland, Fla. VG. $5

RPPC770. Ocean Drive and Lummus Park, Miami Beach, Florida. VG. $5

RPPC771. Fallon 790. Hialeah Park, Fla. VG. $10

RPPC772. View thru Royal Palm Park showing Huntington & Inagraham Bldgs. after the Hurricane, Miami, Fla., Sept. 18,1926. VG. $5

RPPC773. Not a RPPC but a printed litho. The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, Me. Turpentine Still. 1907. VG. $6

RPPC774. Gerecke photo 33. Pan American International Air Terminal, Miami. VG. $5

RPPC775. Hinkley #2. The Home of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of Amer. at Lakeland, Fla. VG. $5

RPPC777. Harris Photo Post Card Co., Pittston, Pa. and Mt. Arlington, NJ. Uncle Will, Aunt Minnie, St. Augustine, Fla. VG. $6

RPPC778. Not a RPPC but a printed litho. Tuck’s Post Card. At the Old Cabin Door. 1908. VG. $10

RPPC782. F.E. Co. Dredge, Fairbanks, Alaska. VG. $6

RPPC783. Dredging, Fairbanks, Alaska. VG. $6

RPPC784. Indian Graves, Wrangell, Alaska. VG. $10

RPPC785. Schallerer’s. S107. Mission St. from Steamer’s Bridge-Ketchikan, Alaska. VG. $15

RPPC786. Savage River Camp, McKinley National Park. VG. $10

RPPC787. Photocraft #167. Nirvana Park, Cordova, Alaska. VG. $15

RPPC788. G. Morris Taylor, Jasper National Park, Canada. Skagway, Alasks. VG. $20

RPPC789. Spencer Glacier, Alaska. VG. $12

RPPC790. Cann’s, Fairbanks, Alaska. University of Alaska. VG. $10

RPPC791. Thomas Fotoshop, Anchorage. Mt. McKinley National Park Hotel-Alaska. VG. $8

RPPC792. Robinson. R-501. 4th Avenue-Main Street of Anchorage. VG. $10

RPPC793. #14. Mrs. Harriet Pullen, Skagway, Alaska. VG. $12

RPPC794. 369. Alaska-Juneau Mill-Juneau, Alaska. VG. $10

RPPC797. Souvenir of Saltair Beach, Great Salt Lake. VG. $15

RPPC798. Gottlieb Photo and Art Co., Ruidoso, NM. Old Lincoln Co. Jail and Court House, Scene of Billy the Kids’ escape, Lincoln, NM. VG. $8

RPPC800. Mental Hospital, Brandon, Man. VG. $6

RPPC802. Not a RPPC but a printed litho. 2823. J.L. Robbins Co., Spokane, Wash. Sorting and Packing Sheds in a Washington Orchard. VG. $6

RPPC803. Prospectors and Burros, Canyon City, Oregon. VG. $25

RPPC807. Black Bear in Pt. Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington. VG. $6

RPPC808. Mt. Lassen in Eruption, Oct. 6, 1915. VG. $12

RPPC812. International Bridge. VG. $10

RPPC817. Inspection Co. C 119th M.G. Bn. Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas. VG. $20

RPPC818. Howard Photo, Pecos. #512. Marfa, Texas. VG. $10

RPPC819. Feeble Minded Institute, Enid, OK. VG. $12

RPPC820. Normal Class, 1915. Oklahoma. VG. $20

RPPC821. Not a RPPC but a printed litho. S. Langsdorf & Co., NY. Independence Ave., looking south, Enid, Oklahoma. 1906. $8

RPPC825. M.B. Martin. Link’s Modern Business College, Boise, Idaho. Students taking Shorthand Dictation. Miss Nettie C. Breese, Teacher. VG. $15

RPPC827. No. 21. Bird’s Eye View-Forsyth, Mont. VG. $10

RPPC828. No. 13. Forsyth Bridge, Forsyth, Mont. VG. $15

RPPC830. From Mr. Hodges, Miles City, Montana. VG. $20

RPPC831. Eveleigh House – Sackets harbor, NY. VG. $20

RPPC832. Sandy Creek High School Buildings. VG. $12

RPPC833. H.A. Myer & Co., Commercial Photographers, Jordan, NY. Madison Barracks, Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $15

RPPC835. Herbert A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. The Eveleigh. M.J. Quinn, Prop., Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $15

RPPC836. H.A. Myer & Co., Syracuse, NY. Old Mill where Percussion Caps & Chloriform were first made in the year 1813, Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $12

RPPC837. Col. Camp & Residence, Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $12

RPPC838. H.A. Myer & Co., Syracuse. Col. Camp’s Residence, Built 1816, Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $12

RPPC840. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Well on Old Battlefield, Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $15

RPPC841. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. View of Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $15

RPPC842. Henry Beach. Sherburne, NY. VG. $12

RPPC843. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Masonic Hall, Built 1817. Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $15

RPPC844. Herbert A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Christ Church, Erected 1816. Sackets Harbor, NY. VG. $6

RPPC846. Camp Fire Girls. VG. $15

RPPC848. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Three Mile Bay. VG. $6

RPPC850. Shore View, Three Mile Bay, NY. VG. $10

RPPC854. Herbert A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Res. on Pine St., Theresa, NY. VG. $10

RPPC855. Henry Beach. Looking down Stream above High Falls, Trenton Falls, NY. VG. $10

RPPC856. Henry Beach. Town Hall, Theresa, NY. VG. $15

RPPC857. Main St. and Presb. Church, Theresa, NY. VG. $15

RPPC858. Pub. by W.W. Smith. View on Main St., Smyrna, N.Y. VG. $15

RPPC860. H.A. Myer & Co., Joran, NY. Main St. View, Spraqueville, NY. VG. $20

RPPC861. 1850. Diamond Jubilee, 1925. 75th Anniversary of California’s admission to the Union, San Francisco, Labor Day, 1925. VG. $20

RPPC862. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. Hall of Physics, Syracuse University. VG. $10

RPPC863. Our Library as it now looks, Syracuse University. VG. $10

RPPC864. H.A. Myer & Co., Jordan, NY. The Gymnasium, Syracuse University. G. $10

RPPC865. Bird’s Eye View, Syracuse University. VG. $10

RPPC867. Fish Wheel Near Fort Yukon, Alaska. Farthest Point North on Yukon River Within the Arctic Circle. VG. $8

RPPC868. 3104-Going to the sun Chalets, St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park. $5

RPPC869. G. Morris Taylor, Jasper National Park, Canada. Skagway, Alaska. VG. $15

RPPC870. Wanakena, NY. VG. $8

RPPC871. Central Ave., Wanakena, NY. G. $8

RPPC872. Fairbanks, Alaska. VG. $6

RPPC875. Henry Beach View from the Lawn near the Castle, Williamstown, NY. VG. $15

RPPC877. Eastern Illustrating Co., Belfast, Me. Camp Pocohontas, Whitesboro (maybe), NY. VG. $15

RPPC878. Pub. by C.F. Allen. Students of Jordan, NY High School. VG. $15

RPPC879. Pub. by Geo. L. Sholes. Union School Pupils, Sherburne, NY. VG. $10

RPPC880. At the Skating Races, Lake Placid Olympics. G. $12

RPPC881. Henry Beach. The Masonic Home, Utica, NY. 1911. VG. $8

RPPC882. Henry Beach. Residences, W. Oneonta, NY. VG. $12

RPPC883. Henry Beach. Putts Monument, White Lake, NY. VG. $6

RPPC884. Henry Beach. W. Oneonta, NY. VG. $10

RPPC886. Henry Beach. Homes, W. Oneonta, NY. VG. $10

RPPC887. Henry Beach. West Oneonta, NY. VG. $12

RPPC888. Henry Beach. Main St., West Carthage, NY. Residence Section. VG. $12

RPPC889. Child with bone-crusher bicycle. VG. $20

RPPC890. Group of men, several with bicycles. VG. $15

RPPC891. Henry Beach. West Carthage High School Building. VG. $10

RPPC892. Henry Beach. Residences and High School Building, West Carthage, NY. VG. $12



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