The following items NMBD3 through NMBD16 are Santa Fe, New Mexico Boudoir Card Photos by Dana B. Chase, circa 1885. Albumin prints, 4 1/4″ x 7 1/8″, mounted on cards, most with advertising text on verso.  Dana B. Chase was a pioneer photographer in New Mexico whose work dates primarily from 1880 to 1895. He died in 1897.

NMBD3. No. 89. Bridge Street, Santa Fe. $150

NMBD6. No. 16. Santa Fe, from Old Fort Marey. $150

NMBD7. No. 3. Principal Square in Santa Fe, in Summer. $150

NMBD8. Capitol Building, Santa Fe, N.M. Burned May 12th, 1892. $125

NMBD9. No. 1836. The Oldest House in the United States, Santa Fe. $150

NMBD10. No. 12. Founded 1550. San Miguel Church, Santa Fe. $150

NMBD11. No. 23. Palace of the Spanish Viceroy, now Residence of the Governor, the only Palace in the United States-from the West. $125

NMBD12. No. 48. Palace Hotel, Santa Fe. $125

NMBD13. No. 49. Saint Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe. Burned June 14th, 1896. The back of this card is blank. $125

NMBD15. No. 124. Officers’ Quarters, Santa Fe. $125

No ID. 364 in negative. Las Vegas, New Mexico. Boudoir Card image. VG. $125

No ID. No. 1754. Adobe Houses and Burros. Boudoir Card image. VG. $75

Gallup Mines NM nmbd21b
NMBD21. J.C. Burge, Flagstaff, Arizona. Gallup Mines A&PRR, New Mexico. VG. $150