Taber. B464. Court, Palace Hotel, S.F., Cal. Great view showing the horse drawn livery wagon inside the courtyard. VG. $125

Jarvis, Pasadena, Cal. 62. Old Mission San Gabriel. G. $65

No ID. Land slide on “freeze out” switch, Russian River. VG. $75

Riverside California
Calbd30. S.P. Cresslar, Riverside, California. Untitled image of thatched residences and residents. People appear to be of Mexican or Native American origin. G. $200

Logging Train, California
Calbd31. Freese & Fetrow, Eureka, Cal. Logging train obviously with giant redwood segments. G-. $250

Presidio Reservation calbd33b
Calbd33. W.C. Billington. Presidio Reservation, San Francisco, Cal. G. $250

Calbd34. Taber, San Francisco, Cal. B1039. Cook’s Hotel. Yosemite Valley. VG. $200

Calbd35. Taber, San Francisco. B1003. View from Glacier Point. G. $35

Calbd36. Taber, San Francisco. B717. Cap of Liberty, 3,100 Feet. VG. $50

Calbd37. Taber, San Francisco. B753. Three Graces and Bridal Veil. G. $50

Calbd38. Taber, San Francisco. B1052. Vernal Fall. G. $50

Calbd39. Taber, San Francisco. B730. Mirror View Washington Column. VG. $50

Calbd40. Taber, San Francisco. B1046. Half Dome. VG. $50

Calbd41. Taber, San Francisco. B1051. Cathedral Spires, 2,660 feet. G. $35

Calbd42. Taber, San Francisco. B1055. General View of Yosemite Valley from Artist’s Point. G. $50

Calbd43. Taber, San Francisco. B411. El Capitan, 3,300 feet. VG. $50

Calbd44. Taber, San Francisco. B965. Cascade Falls. VG. $50

Calbd45. Taber, San Francisco. B725. Agassiz Column, near Union Point. G. $50