Photographic Wagon of Stevens, Kennebunk Maine  Photographic Wagon of Stevens, Kennebunk Maine
PHBD1. Card, 6 7/8″ x 9 3/4″ showing the photographic wagon identified by label on verso as “Photograph of Stevens, Kennebunk, Me. Gift of Thomas D. Green.” Note the damage to the image to the left of the woman’s head. G-. $375

PHBD2. Boudoir card by C.S. Lawton. 587. C.S. Lawton July 16 1898. He is posed with his camera, his bicycle and aiming his rifle. VG. $200

PHBD3. Boudoir card by Thomson, Kansas City, Mo. of Thomson’s studio building with his ad on the side of the building “Thomson Photographer.” There are 10 people standing on the balcony on the top floor. The building next door is being constructed or deconstructed. G. $150