A miscellaneous collection of material, photos, postcards, catalogs, etc. at bargain prices.

MOSQUE IN ALGERIA BY PROD’HOM. Cabinet Card by Prod’hom although image does not have Prod’hom’s blindstamp. Identified by other cabinet cards that came with this one all with blindstamp. Titled in ink on verso “Mosque de Guelma.” VG. $20

Postcard. The Valentine & Sons’ Publishing Co., Ltd., NY. Printed in Great Britain. B. and O. Depot, Mansfield, O. Postmarked Jan. 9, 1911. 1-cent green stamp. Addressed to Rev. EB Cobb, Elizabeth, NJ. VG. $8

Postcard. Published by S. Langsdorf & Co., NY. Germany. Union Depot, Springfield, Mass. Unused, undivided back. VG. $5

PAIR OF EARLY COLORADO VIEWS. 2 Stereoviews of Colorado. One is titled Manitou, other is a scenic view of tourists. G+. $35

EARLY TEDDY BEAR. Image measuring 5 1/2″ x 4″ on an 8 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ mount. Image is by W.L. Hall of Belfast, Maine and shows a smiling child holding her favorite Teddy Bear. VG. $50

SG&C RAILROAD VIADUCT. Stereoview by W.S. Jones of Watkins NY titled 23-Watkins Glen Viaduct S.G. & C. R’y. VG. $10

5 VIEWS BY SOULE. 5 Stereoviews by John P. Soule. Titles are: No. 554. Faneuil Hall, Boston; No. 570. Cathedral Building, Franklin Street, Boston; No. 776. Niagara-Suspension Bridge and Rapids (Instantaneous); No. 622. Marine View, Nahant, Mass.-Instantaneous; & No. 599. Coral. VG. $22

MAJOR GENERAL REYNOLDS STATUE. Stereoview by W.H. Tipton, Gettysburg, Pa. titled No. 603. Statue of Major Gen. John F. Reynolds in Soldier’s National Cemetery. G. $16

4 Stereoviews by F.C. Philpot, Limerick Maine. Philpot traveled around York County Maine and these views can be anywhere in that vicinity. 2 have “1880” on back, one has “1881,” other is blank. Also on back No. 2, No. 6, and 12. No titles. All came together with some other views by Philpot. VG. $20

SWEDISH STEREOVIEW. Stereoview from an Industrial Fair in Stockholm in 1897 titled 82. Maskinhallen. VG. $7.50

Bin360. GENERAL GRANT Stereoview titled 520. General Grant by C.W. Woodward of Rochester NY. G. $5

Stereoview by Cross of Hot Springs, S.D. titled No. 25. Bad Lands. Written on side of view is “Visited by 6th Cav. in 1905.” VG. $15

CENTENNIAL EXPO INTERIOR OF SWEDISH SCHOOL HOUSE! Stereoview by The Centennial Photographic Co. titled 731. Swedish School House, Interior. G+. $12

AN AFTERNOON REST. Stereoview of women resting on the lawn in front of a tent. VG. $5

[George Stacy]. No. 301. View on Broadway–Instantaneous. G. $12

HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA Stereoview titled 1363. Water St., Dam on the Guniatha, Harrisburg, Pa. G. $5

REAL PHOTO POSTCARD of a beautiful young woman, no ID. VG. $2.50

Lot of 19 postcards of actresses and women, all but one real photo. Included are De Morlaix, Suzanne Andre, La Vigne, Thermonde, Marguerite, Miss Billie Burke, Miss Maud Darling, Cantor, Miss Gertie Millar, Miss Hazel Thompson, Miss Deborah Volar in “The Merveilleuses,” Miss Ruth Vincent as “Amasis,” Bella Crisanlema, Pepita Duran, Mlle, Marcia, and 4 unidentified women. Six are by Walery, Paris; 1 by Reutlinger, some by Rotary Photo, etc. All unused, all divided backs. VG. $85

PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN POSTCARDS. The first is titled Home, Sweet, Home and has a pre-written message on the back: “I am sending you by to-days train an Indian Baby in a papoose carrier. It is “good” and will not keep you awake nights.” Very cute message. This pc is copyright 1904 by H.H. Tammen, Denver and is no. 3435. The second card is, appropriately, 3439. Indian Papoose. Both are divided back, unused. VG. $6

BOY SCOUTS! Stereoview titled P-26377. Boy Scouts Raising the Flag. VG. $5

7 Real Photo Postcards. Miscellaneous grouping of various topics, A Happy Birthday and Good Luck in your New Year card, Lulu Glaser in her new play, Lola from Berlin, Lucette de Berny, In Lovers Lane, etc. $7

JAPANESE TINTED PHOTO. Nicely Tinted 8″ x 10.25″ Photo of a Ujigawa River Scene near Kyoto in Japan. Image is numbered 665. G. $35

LAKES OF KILLARNEY. Stereoview titled The Lakes of Killarney. General View of the Lakes, from the Kenmare Road above the Upper Lake. Located in County Kerry, Ireland. VG. $5

SCOTLAND. Pair of Stereoviews by Archibald Burns of Edinburgh. Titles are Burns’ Monument, Holyrood Palace, & Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh; and Glasgow Cathedral, west door. VG. $5

EISENMANN PHOTO. Cabinet Card by Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Image is of a woman looks to be dressed as a European Fraulein or Bavarian dancer of some sort. Given Eisenmann’s propensity to photograph visiting celebrities, it is likely this image is of a performer from a troupe visiting NYC. G. $12

BURTON, POWELL, HITLER. Lot of 3 copy Stereoviews made by Brandt Rowles in 1994. Titles are: Richard Powell in Mrs. Mike, 1949; Richard Burton in The Robe, 1953; & Adolf Hitler greeting a young girl. VG. $9

WRAPPED IN THE FLAG. Stereoview by the Climax View Co. of a woman all wrapped in the American Flag. Looks like a scene from a play or a Vaudeville Act. VG. $8

THOMAS REED. Stereoview by Keystone View Co. titled V26141. Thomas Reed. On back is detailed info on Reed including: “If you could have been present at a meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1889-1890, or in 1895-1898, you would have seen a remarkable man in the speaker’s chair. This man was Thomas B. Reed and he had more power than any other man in the United States.” VG. $8

Stereoview by William England, under the Special Patronage of The Alpine Club, from Views of Switzerland. This is 159. Statue de Guillaume Tell, Altorf, Canton d’Uri. Suisse. VG. $8

WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN. Pair of Stereoviews, one by Keystone, one by U&U. Titles are: The Hon. William Jennings Bryan in his Home Library, Lincoln, Nebraska, copyright 1900; and 4205–Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bryan. The first view is ex-Library of Congress with appropriate stamps on back of view. VG. $12

SEA BREEZE FLORIDA Photograph by Henry Stanton, Scenic Photographer, Sea Breeze, Fla. measuring 4.75″ x 6 7/8″ on a 6.5″ x 8.5″ mount. Image shows an attractive home, woman seated on porch, man at tree, other man with bicycle. On verso is written “Late 1890’s,” “Gift of Ms. Chas. Kost March 1953,” “Duplicate.” Also stamp for “Halifax Historical Society, Daytona Beach, Florida.” G. $12

Stereoview of Pisa by Van Lint. VG. $3

GURNEY CELEBRITY PORTRAIT Stereoview identified on verso as S. Campbell. VG. $10

MAISON DOREE HOTEL. Stereoview showing the Maison Doree Hotel, a popular NYC hotel of the time. G. $5

ALBERMARLE HOUSE HOTEL. Stereoview of the Albermarle House Hotel in NYC. VG. $8

6 INDUSTRIAL Stereoviews by Underwood & Underwood. Titles are: 12409. Great drying cylinders through which the crushed rock is passed to extract moisture; 12451. The wet process mill in which the material is finely ground; 12394. Large steam hydraulic presses in which belting, matting, etc. are vulcanized; 12452. Removing ground material from wet process mill-emptying the pan; & two views without title. VG. $10

WILLIAM ENGLAND Collection of 2 Stereoviews for the Alpine Club. Titles are: 115-Panorama de Thun pris du Cemetiere; & 151-Le Bristenstock et le Lac d’Uri, Fluelen, Suisse. G. $20

AUTUMN TREASURES. Stereoview by E&HT Anthony titled No. 5933. Autumn Treasures. VG. $5

HOBOKEN Stereoview by E&HT Anthony titled No. 6618. Old Willow Tree, at Hoboken, N.J. VG. $8

Sarony, NY. Group of 3 Cabinet Cards by this renowned NYC photographer. Sitters are unidentified. One card has corner damage o/w VG. $7.50

FIRENZE Stereoview by Sommer & Behles, Napoli & Roma titled 829. St. Croce e Statua de Dante, Firenze. VG. $5

Bin569. EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE 1878. Stereoview from the Collection L.L. Paris of the Exposition Universelle 1878 in Paris. There is no title on the card. E. $3

Stereoview by B.K., Paris from Paris et ses Environs Series. Titled in manuscript on verso Dome d’Honneur. There is an old crease mark at center only obvious on the back and card is very firm. G. $3

DANBURY CT Stereoview titled on verso “Old M.E. Church, Danbury, Conn.” G. $3

Keystone: V17124T. Southwest from the Lykabettos past Royal Palace and Acropolis to Sea, Athens, Greece. $4

WEST POINT Stereoview by U&U titled 5392-Skirmish line drill of cadets-our future army officers, West Point, N.Y. VG. $4

E&HT Anthony. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. No. 7527. The Dairy Cottage. G. $6

Collection of 5 CDVs. Three are by D. Appleton & Co., NY; 1 is by Silsbee, Case & Co., Boston; 1 has no backmark. Included are Edwin Hubbell Chapin (1814-1880), American preacher, editor of the Christian Leader; Rev. John Cumming (1807-1881), National Scottish Church, Covent Garden; Rev. Charles Kingsley; Rev. John Angell James (1785-1859); & Manton Eastburn (1801-1872), rector, Church of the Ascension. VG. $35

Bin620. No ID. Alligator. VG. $8

Montagnes Blanches by B.K.
Bin623. Collection B.K., Paris. Vues d’Amerique. Montagnes Blanches. VG. $8

General Post Office, St. Martin's le Grand General Post Office, St. Martin's le Grand
Bin624. No ID. 15. Views of London. General Post Office, St. Martin’s le Grand. G. $6

Walworth Mansion Saratoga Springs Walworth Mansion Saratoga Springs
Bin625. E&HT Anthony. Saratoga Springs, NY. No. 8475. Walworth Mansion. G. $8

Silk Industry Silk Industry Silk Industry
Bin628. Stereoview by Keystone titled 29468. First Drawing or Straightening of Fibers–Silk Industry (Spun Silk), So. Manchester, Conn. VG. $5

Slater Cotton Mill Slater Cotton Mill Slater Cotton Mill
Bin629. Stereoview by Keystone titled 29211. Slater Mill, First Cotton Mill in United States, Pawtuckett, R.I. VG. $5

Street Scene in Plymouth Street Scene in Plymouth
Bin631. W.S. Robbins, No. 6 Main Street from Plymouth Views. The view is untitled. G. $6

Central Park Bridle Path Central Park Bridle Path
Bin633. Central Park Bridle Path. G. $5

Japanese Cabinet Card Japanese Cabinet Card
Bin635. Cabinet Card by A. Farsari & Co., Yokohama showing a woman looking in a mirror while her hair is rolled by another woman. G. $55

Bin638. U&U. Prince Henry, Chief Wilkie, Asst. Gen. Passgr. Agt. Boyd and Engineer Gilchrist-on his Western Tour. G-. $6

bin639a bin639fbin639cbin639dbin639b   bin639e
Bin639. Pair of stereoviews by E&HT Anthony, although unlabeled. Titles are: Saloon of the Bristol; Saloon Steamer Dean Richmond. VG. $15

bin641b bin641f bin641d bin641a bin641e bin641c
Bin641. 2 Stereoviews from Paris et ses Environs. Titles are Bal Mabille and Longchamp. VG. $6

General Miles bin642z
Bin642. B.W. Kilburn. 12595. Gen. Miles, Commander of United States Army. G. $4

Lindbergh bin643z
Bin643. Keystone. 32062T. Our Ambassador of the Air-Col. Lindbergh and Plane Spirit of St. Louis. VG. $10

bin644a bin644ab bin644b bin644bb bin644c bin644cb
bin644d bin644db bin644e bin644eb bin644f bin644fb
Bin644. Group of 6 stereoviews of Maine. Five of the views have the backmark of S.S. Vose & Son, Waterville, Maine and are from their series of Pittsfield Views. The last view is titled Bucksport Village. G. $25

Chief Washakie
Bin645. W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver, Colo. titled 4103. War Chief’s Tent. This is the tent of Shoshoni Chief Washakie. G. $125

Coronation of King Edward VII bin646b bin646c bin646d bin646e bin646f bin646g
Bin646. B.W. Kilburn (6 views) and U&U (1 view). 7 views of the coronation of King Edward VII. The 6 Kilburn views have Library of Congress surplus duplicate stamps on versos. VG. $45

Diamond Jubilee bin647a
Bin647. B.W. Kilburn. 2 views of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This celebrated her 60-year reign. One has a Library of Congress Duplicate surplus stamp on verso. VG. $15

pol268 pol268b pol269 pol269b
Bin648. Pair of CDVs by Disderi, Paris. Duc Bassano and Jacques Louis, Comte de Randon (1795-1871), Governor of Algeria and Marshal of France. VG. $20

bin649 bin649a bin649b bin649c bin649d bin649e
Bin649. Lot of 6 interesting stereoviews. Swimming, Lookout Point, Tenn; 12th Infantry firing in Spanish American War; African-American in the cotton field; Shooting the Grand Canyon in Alaska; & Greenland Esquimaux. VG. $22

Stoddard Views bin650a bin650b bin650c bin650d bin650e bin650f
Bin650. Group of 7 stereoviews by S.R. Stoddard. Adirondacks, Lake George, the Palisades. VG. $35

Bin651. 18 stereoviews of NYC by Anthony. Titles are: No. 5336. Looking North form the cor. of Fulton St. showing Broadway and City Hall Park; No. 3929. Looking down Broadway from the corner of Chambers Street; No. 3957. National Academy of Design, 23d St., NY (2 copies of this view); No. 6596. Herald Building; No. 912. New York Academy of Music, corner of 14th Street and Irving Place; No. 3702. The National Academy of Design, Cor. 4th Ave. and 23d Street; No. 5999. The New York City Hall; No. 5576. View from foot of Whitehall St., looking towards South Brooklyn (unlabeled); Interior view of the Chancel Aspe ruins of St. George’s Church, Rutherford Place (unlabeled); City Hall (unlabeled); Niblo’s Gardens (unlabeled); No. 5310. Fifth Avenue Hotel; No. 8034. Trinity Church; No. 1886. Cascades of the Ravine; No. 1139. View in the Ramble; No. 3713. Cabinet Bridge across the Lake–to the Mall; & 7240. The Bow Bridge. G-VG. $75

Bin652. E&HT Anthony. 11339. Elevated Rail Road. G. $10

Bin653. 4 by E&HT Anthony of NYC scenes. No. 6600. Grand Opera House, corner 23d Street and Eighth Ave.; No. 6598. City Hall; No. 5310. Fifth Avenue Hotel; & No. 5412. Skating Scene, Winter of 1866, Central Park. G-VG. $20

Bin654. Everett & Co., Des Moines. Iowa Views. Second ward school house. G. $6

Bin655. 4 logging stereoviews. 3 by Keystone, 1 by Underwood & Underwood. Titled are: Stupendous Log-Raft, containing millions of feet–a Camp’s year’s work, profit $20,000–Columbia River, Oregon; 20031. Great Chained Log Rafts on the Columbia River, Wash.; 12260. Logs from the Forest Delivered at the Stream, Aroostock County, Me; & 26464. Band Saw Cutting Redwood Log, Calif. VG-E. $18

Bin656. Collection of 25 flat mount American stereoviews. There are 2 of Boston, 1 of Florida, 7 of New Hampshire, 4 of New York State, 4 of Central Park, NYC, 2 of California, 1 of Georgia, 3 of Pennsylvania, and 1 of Rhode Island. $35

Bin657. Stereoview by W.H. Illingworth, published by E. H. Burritt, St. Paul, Minn. from Stereographs of Minnesota Scenery titled Dalles of the St. Croix. VG. $12

Bin658. 2 Views by J.A. (J. Andrieu), .published by B.K., Paris both from Vues de Palestine et d”Egypte. Titles are: 2903. Les Celebres Statues de Memnon (Thebes); & 2746. Facade & Porte d’Entree a l’Eglise du St. Sepulcre a Jerusalem. G. $15